EFT Resources

This is a textbook to learn EFT and EFCT. A must read!!

A classic workbook for learning EFT. A lot of practical exercises and useful forms to leverage as you begin your EFT journey.

This is a workbook that expands beyond EFT with couples to EFT with individuals (EFIT) and families (EFFT). If you work with individuals and families, this workbook is for you.

The latest book by Dr. Sue Johnson on how she puts attachment theory in action via EFT. Great chapters and cases on EFIT, EFFT, and EFCT.

Another "must read" if you want to apply EFT to your work with individuals. A lot of case examples to give you good grasp of how EFIT looks and feels like.

This is the textbook to learn EFFT. A lot of relevant case studies on EFFT, including applying EFFT with stepfamilies and families dealing with traumatic loss.

A great casebook that compiles different application of EFT: recovering from infidelity, addictions, and EFT with same sex couples, to name a few.

A simple and practical guide book by Lorrie Brubacher on how to do EFT in plain language. Easy to understand and learn. Great chapters on Attachment Injury Repair and addictions.

Have clients asking for homework or self-help exercises? This book is for you! Exercises are designed based on Dr. Sue Johnson's Hold Me Tight book.

Newly written by Kathryn D. Rheem and Clare Rosoman, this workbook is an excellent resource for both clients and therapist in healing relationship loss through attachment and EFT.