Family Therapy

We work with family as a whole instead of individual members to change their family dynamic so that healthy relationships can be maintained.  Family therapy provides a safe space for family members to experience a new way of understanding each other so that they can meet their challenges together as a team.

We all know that families are vital but they can be tough too.  

Is your family experiencing a communication breakdown?  Is your family dealing with the loss of a loved one?  Is someone in the family suffering from an addictive behaviour or having a mental, emotional, and/or behavioural challenge?  Is your family going through a life transition such as a separation or divorce, or blending in new step members?

In family therapy, a family is viewed as a system, meaning that when one part is challenged, the whole system would be impacted and treating just the person who manifests the problem may not really alleviate the problem.  This is commonly seen when parents bring in their child for therapy as if the child is the only person who needs help.  The fact is that parents as parts of the system have a crucial role to play in the recovery of both the child and the system.

Utilizing Emotionally Focused Family Therapy (EFFT), we journey with your family to explore what is happening in the system.  In particular, we work from an attachment lens to look for interactional patterns that lead to the distress. By restructuring how family members interact, we aim to foster a new interactional patterns that restore family bonds and promote resiliency.

Working with families touches our hearts as we can relate so much to their experiences.  Let us journey with you and don’t go through family challenges alone.

To learn more about how EFFT helps your family’s mental health, click here to watch a YouTube video by Dr. Adele Lafrance (co-founder of EFFT).

Look forward to meeting you!