EFT Supervision

Wondering what’s next after all the EFT trainings?

Feeling lost and stuck in your sessions?

Needing support in your EFT certification journey?

EFT Supervision can help!  Available in English, Cantonese, and Mandarin from anywhere in the world!

You have come to the right place!  

M.Div, M.Sc, RP
ICEEFT Certified EFT Therapist & Supervisor 
Qualified CRPO Supervisor

Hello!  I am Cassandra!

No matter where you are on your EFT journey, I believe we all need someone to walk alongside with, to have our back, to see our capacity to grow, and to challenge us so that we can be a safer and more effective EFT therapist to our clients.  This is exactly what I would like to do as an EFT supervisor.

For those who have met me, they know EFT is a model that I’ve found home with and I am very passionate about EFT and supporting others to learn EFT.  To me, EFT is not just a model of therapy but a model of relationship, curiosity, empathy and compassion; and EFT supervision is a process of learning, experiencing, and living EFT.  In our time together, our supervisory relationship is my priority.  Through the lens of attachment and EFT, I aim to model a safe haven and a secure base for you to explore your stuck places and blocks, to take in constructive feedbacks, and to practice vulnerability (Yes, precisely!! after all, that’s exactly what we ask our clients to do in sessions, and the best way to learn EFT is to experience it first hand!). 

In your EFT journey, I see myself as a companion, a guide, and a “collaborative partner”.  My approach is informed by both the ICEEF’s supervisory model and my own EFT journey as a learner, a client, a therapist, a supervisee, a helper and a mentor.  I can share and understand how it is like to feel anxious and stuck in sessions; and how defeated and deflated it may feel at times when you thought you’ve done everything that you could but there seems to be no signs of movement.  Even right here right now as you are reading this, I want to show up for you.  I want you to know that you are not alone.  I would like to come alongside where you are at and to support you with warmth, curiosity, empathy, compassion, encouragement and guidance while we work towards your learning goals.    

I am certified in all modalities of EFT and have been actively practicing EFCT, EFIT, and EFFT.  You are welcomed to bring in your cases and be supported to grow in all modalities of EFT.  Please feel free to check out my EFT trainings below to get a sense of what I can collaborate with you.  If becoming a certified EFIT/EFCT/EFFT therapist is one of your goals, I would be more than happy to support you in your certification journey.

If you are a CRPO Registered Psychotherapist (RP) or a RP (Qualifying), supervision hours with me can be counted towards your required CRPO Clinical Supervision hours.    

I offer online EFT and clinical supervision for all modalities of EFT.  Our supervision sessions can be conducted in English, Cantonese or Mandarin.

Types of EFT and clinical supervision:

  1. Individual supervision (60 minutes)
  2. Dyadic supervision (120 minutes shared by 2 therapists)
  3. Small Group supervision (120 minutes, 3-4 participants a group; you are welcome to form your own group)

If you would like to experience EFT supervision with me, let’s connect to have a 30 minutes “meet and greet” and see if we are a good fit!  Look forward to connecting and journeying with you from anywhere in the world!

My EFT Training

  • Emotionally Focused Individual Therapy: Zooming in Thru Trainers Eyes (Season 1, 2) – hosted by Robin Blake & Rebecca Jorgensen
  • Working with Affair – with Ting Liu
  • Working Thru Affairs – with Debi Schimeca-Diaz
  • Understanding Intergenerational Collective Trauma – with Judith Kellner
  • EFT with Couples in Collectivist Cultures – with Ting Liu
  • EFT Supervision Course – with Lisa J Palmer-Olsen, Marlene Best & George Faller
  • Success in Vulnerability – with Success in Vulnerability Team (George Faller, James Hawkins, Ryan Rana, etc.)
  • Transforming Trauma with Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFIT) – with Sue Johnson & Leanne Campbell
  • EFT Cafe – with Kathryn Rheem & Jennifer Olden
  • Healing Affair: The Power of Attachment – with Scott Woolley
  • Working with Highly Escalated Couples – with George Faller
  • Advanced EFT workshop: EFFT for Families with Adult Children – with Gail Palmer
  • Treating Families with Adult Children: Hold Me Tight/Let Me Be Me perspective – with Nancy & Paul Aikin
  • Shame in Attachment Injuries – with Rebecca Jorgensen
  • Sex as a Safe Adventure: Connecting Emotionally & Sexually in EFT – with Zoya Simakhodskaya & Michael Moran
  • EFT and Sex Addiction – with Herman Chow
  • EFIT Level 1&2 – with Lorrie Brubacher
  • EFFT Level 1&2 – with Gail Palmer & James Furrow
  • AIRM—Attachment Injury Resolution Model – with Lorrie Brubacher
  • Core Skills 1&2, 3&4 – with T.Y. Wong
  • EFT Externship – with Sue Johnson & Gail Palmer

My Involvement in the EFT Community

  • Co-host of a EFIT training: “Journey to Wholeness: Experiencing EFIT through a trauma case” – with T.Y. Wong 
  • Assistant of numerous ICEEFT EFT Trainings:
    • Core Skills 1&2, 3&4 – with T.Y. Wong
    • EFIT Level 1 – with Zoya Simakhodskaya & Ali Barbosa; Lorrie Brubacher; T.Y. Wong
    • EFIT Level 2 – with Lorrie Brubacher; T.Y. Wong
    • EFFT Level 1&2 – with Gail Palmer & James Furrow
    • EFT Externship – with Robin Blake; Robert Allan; Robin Blake & Robert Allan; T.Y. Wong
  • Organizer & Co-facilitator of a Cantonese EFT Supervisor Candidate Peer Consultation Group
  • Mentor & Facilitator of a number of Cantonese EFT Learner Support Groups
  • Co-host of the EFT Case Conference for the Cantonese EFT Community
  • Assistant of an Online Hold Me Tight Workshop – with Carolyn McIntyre & Regina Bordieri
  • Co-host of a Hold Me Tight, Let Me Go Workshop – with T.Y. Wong
  • Co-host of the EFT Trainer Clinic (EFFT Series) – with T.Y. Wong

Other Professional Trainings & Credentials

  • Integrative Sex and Couples Certification – with Tammy Nelson
  • Clinical Supervision Success – with George B. Haarman
  • Advance AEDP for Couples (a.k.a. Transformative Couples Therapy) – with David Mars
  • Somatic Attachment Therapy Certificate – with The Embody Lab (Dr. Maureen Gallagher etc.)
  • Internal Family Systems: A Step-by-Step Guide Through Clinical Applications of the IFS Model – with Frank Guastella Anderson
  • EMDR-A Rapid, Safe, and Proven Treatment for Trauma – with PESI
  • CBT Training for Anxiety and OCD – with PESI
  • Complex Trauma Certification Training Level 1&2 – with Janina Fisher
  • Focusing – with Sheila Stevens
  • Certificates on Foundations of Evidence-based Strategies for Autism Spectrum Disorder – Autism Certificate Centre
  • Certified Mental Health First Aid Provider – Mental Health Commission of Canada
  • Certified Prepare/Enrich Facilitator – Prepare/Enrich Canada

Look forward to meeting you!